Article Business Marketing – The Secrets to Promoting Your Business For Free

There’s no doubt that promoting you business through article business marketing will drive traffic to your site. Do it right and it will make you a great deal of money too. Do it wrong and you’ll end up wasting time and effort getting nothing but frustrated. I’ve spent 12 years marketing and copywriting and have wasted my time and effort so that you don’t have to! Here are my hints and tips to get you started on the road to success with article business marketing.Researching your niche.This is the all important first step to article business marketing. Your business may sell mobile phones for example, now mobile phones are not a niche in themselves, they are a huge market. Break your products or services down. So, using the cell phone example, ‘Nokia 5800’ is a smaller market, ‘Nokia 5800 XpressMusic on Vodafone’ is a niche. Then type your chosen keywords (my keywords in this example are ”Nokia 5800 XpressMusic on Vodafone” into Google with ” on either end. You should be getting under 10,000 results for you article business marketing campaigns to be successful. Invest in a keyword research tool to check how powerful your keywords are for your article business marketing campaign. Once you get started finding a niche for article business marketing is simple.Writing your article.Once you have your niche, you’re going to want to promote it to create a successful article business marketing campaign. You do that simply by writing an article about the niche. Don’t worry, this isn’t as difficult as you might think. In fact, it’s a piece of cake! There are some important factors to remember when you’re writing your article.1. Keywords. Your keywords need to appear at the start of your article (in the first couple of sentences) then a few times throughout the article, and then again at the end. Aim for 2% of the total to be made up of your keywords. Make sure you use them so tht they flow well in the copy or they’ll stick out like spam!2. Make it interesting. Reviews are great if you sell products simular to each other – ‘Is the Samsung Tocco better than the Nokia 5800 Xpress Music on Vodafone?’ Keyword used and noted by the search engines without looking like spam.3. Don’t witter on. 500 words is all you need, don’t go on and on or people will never get to the bottom of your article where the all important link to your site is.Submitting your article.So you’ve written your article, who’s going to publish it? Well, are of course. They are by far the best article submission site and you will see great results. There are other article sites of course!Then what happens?Well, good article submission sites are checked (or crawled) by Google every day. To get Google to do that to your site would take years of search engine optmisation and thousands of dollars of professional help. Within a couple of days your article should be high up the rankings, if not on the first page on Google for the keywords you were writing for. That’s when the traffic starts… And the great thing is it won’t stop. The more articles you write, the better your article business marketing campaign becomes and the more traffic you drive to your site. Using simple math, if a site generates a sale every 40 views and you’re generating 20 views a day from 1 article, that’s 1 additional sale for no outlay, every 2 days. Write 100 articles and using that sum, you’ll make 100 additional sales every 2 days. What are you waiting for – start your article business marketing campaign today!

What Is Holistic Business Marketing? A Holistic Approach to Marketing

Holistic Business Marketing looks at the whole business system to create a marketing plan. Most Marketing strategies focus only on the service or goods provided and do not look at the people involved who create and deliver what is being marketed.A holistic approach to business marketing takes into account the values, ethics, passions and concerns of the people involved in the company, as well as the goods or services, to determine a strategy to best market to the end user.This approach works for any business, not just holistic businesses, but businesses with a social concern often choose this type of marketing. When a company is values based, meaning the values of the company, its employees and its desired social benefit are all aligned, a marketing strategy will help the whole system be aligned and everyone involved will feel more a part of the process, thereby more invested in its success.Consumers of conscious and social based services and products want to feel they are benefiting the greater good as well. They want to be a part of something larger than themselves and a part of its serving a larger purpose. This is why holistic business marketing is such a great fit for these companies.There is often a unique culture in each business created by the unique set of owners and employees. The goods or services might be very similar to other companies offerings, but will have the unique flavor from the culture of the company. Holistic marketing seeks to employ this uniqueness as a strategy of helping identify the specific niche from which to target end users. Making it a truly holistic approach by looking at the whole business system in each creative marketing strategy.

Tips on Getting Online Business Marketing Off the Ground

With the number of business opportunities on the internet today, there are a lot of ways to get a business started off the ground. When it comes to marketing, the internet is a global marketplace where you can find the largest number of customers. Online business marketing is making more and more people richer every day so it is no surprise that you may want to try this route as well.When starting an online business marketing venture, it is important to establish your niche. This basically means that you either know what the market needs or develop something that the market needs. It could be anything from self-help books to diet pills. Selling stuff online can make you rich if you discover an untargeted area that has the potential to generate a lot of customers.Having a good business plan is also another area of importance. Set reasonable goals and milestones and get the right kind of business advice. Know when to expand your business and know when to stay put. If you are new to the game, having a good business strategist on board or a business adviser may help you avoid drastic mistakes.Every online business needs good ecommerce software. You use this to facilitate secure financial transactions with your suppliers and your clients. Choose reliable, tested and trusted software at all times to avoid any legal or financial glitches in the future.Market yourself. Advertising is what makes you visible to the world. Use creative advertising strategies such as organic SEO and sales letters.Be professional. This involves being returning phone calls on time, answering queries on time, making prompt deliveries, and keeping up-to-date information on your site. Good customer support as well as a professionally-designed website will build up your image as a reliable business person and someone that your clients can trust. Your website should have a fast loading time and user-friendly navigation. Most importantly, it should be secure.Common Pitfalls to AvoidThere are a lot of crash-and-burn stories about online entrepreneur hopefuls and these are usually the result of several avoidable mistakes. Being lazy and not doing enough research can lead to trouble when it comes to building an online business. Knowing the rules, especially legal ones, is also very important to avoid committing mistakes that could land you in hot water without your knowledge. Monitor the information you put up on your site, especially information about your products. Make sure all information on products and prices are up-to-date. Also make sure that you know the products you are selling.Another pitfall in online business marketing is unreliability whether it involves the delivery of your products or the reliability of your web host. It can be a source of frustration for customers to seek out a website that they have been frequenting only to find out that the site has been moved or has been permanently deleted. When it comes to online business, only choose web hosts that are known to be reliable at providing you with 24/7 service as well as reliable customer support.