What Is Holistic Business Marketing? A Holistic Approach to Marketing

Holistic Business Marketing looks at the whole business system to create a marketing plan. Most Marketing strategies focus only on the service or goods provided and do not look at the people involved who create and deliver what is being marketed.A holistic approach to business marketing takes into account the values, ethics, passions and concerns of the people involved in the company, as well as the goods or services, to determine a strategy to best market to the end user.This approach works for any business, not just holistic businesses, but businesses with a social concern often choose this type of marketing. When a company is values based, meaning the values of the company, its employees and its desired social benefit are all aligned, a marketing strategy will help the whole system be aligned and everyone involved will feel more a part of the process, thereby more invested in its success.Consumers of conscious and social based services and products want to feel they are benefiting the greater good as well. They want to be a part of something larger than themselves and a part of its serving a larger purpose. This is why holistic business marketing is such a great fit for these companies.There is often a unique culture in each business created by the unique set of owners and employees. The goods or services might be very similar to other companies offerings, but will have the unique flavor from the culture of the company. Holistic marketing seeks to employ this uniqueness as a strategy of helping identify the specific niche from which to target end users. Making it a truly holistic approach by looking at the whole business system in each creative marketing strategy.