Business Travel – Discover the Biggest Secret CEOs Are Using to Earn Huge Profit Off Corp Travel

Up until the break of the new millennium, business travel has always seemed to be more of a burden of business expenses and earnings. The only upside is the huge tax deductions for small businesses. Even at present times, it doesn’t seem to matter who your company’s personal travel agent, travel vendor, or online travel website is that you use for travel, it’s still expensive.Next to customer fulfillment and office supply expenses, travel expenses are major. However, every since the recent recession that the entire U.S. has collapse into, new and great innovations of the 21century has finally change the way corporate America travels.Now CEOs and savvy business owners that travel frequently discovered a rich business travel success. A travel success that only the few and profound has been using since 2001.That’s right. The chosen few that have found this hidden secret are calling it the “Small business and corporate travel bail out plan through travel.” Plus. It’s quite simple…Book a flight, get paid for it, book a hotel, get paid for it, car rentals, condos, and anything affiliated with business travel, your company gets a large percentage of the travel commission earned back into the business. I’m talking “cold hard Cash.” Not some travel points or rewards cards either. Your membership puts your business in profit instantly!Your business now generates income from every employee, executive and anyone who books travel from the company. Plus, your company travel is still a write-off, how cool is that.With this newly innovative business travel revenue and revolutionary breakthrough, Expedia, Hotwire, and even your personal travel agent become useless. You’d actually lose money by using these old 20th century tactics in the 21st century.These are one of those business travel news secrets they don’t want you to know about until they “milk the cow dry.” Well now you know.So while companies are easily losing thousands from travel expenses, you can be massively earning thousands from your own travel expenses, off every trip.It’s been around since 2001, but because of it’s none mainstream media influence, only the savvy and smart business travelers have adopted this business travel model into their income streams. And boy is it revenue generator. I’m talking profits, earnings, positive cash flow, you name it.One of the biggest names thus far that quickly adapted this new corporate travel innovation is NFL’s Kansas City Chief football team. They’re faithful members because the business model makes common since, “if you use travel for business why not make a profit from it.”So if your company struggles to earn profit in this troubled economy while still taking flight after flight to increase revenue, easily step up your game and increase earnings to be among the elite business owners that use this new income stream everyday. You may just meet your quarterly goals with this revenue generator alone.

Travel For Seniors Keeps Getting Better

Travel for seniors is growing in popularity because it just keeps getting better and better. Many older people today no longer opt for relaxing at home, instead they are making the conscious decision to travel and see the world. They have the time and the money and are using both to see what the world has to offer.They are no longer interested in just taking a summer vacation but are open to traveling anytime of year provided the destination is to their liking.All around the planet, there are millions of holiday travel destinations and just about all have become switched on to the spending power of the senior citizens who want to visit them. With such a large selection of destinations, attractions, and activities, the problem becomes one of being able to narrow your choice down to just one place at any one time. The first step in deciding on a destination is by determining what type of climate and which activities you would like to participate in while on your travels.Recent surveys show that seniors enjoy an ever-widening variety of different activities. So if you enjoy golfing, a golf resort may be an ideal location for your next vacation. If, however, relaxing on the beach is more your style, you have a large number of beach holidays and resorts to choose from. In addition to the many land based vacations there are many cruises available for those who like to sail. In fact many cruise lines have increased their orders for new cruisers to be built because of the demand from seniors. Deciding what you would like to do while on your travels or vacation is the often the best way to find the ideal destination.While the activities that you’d like to participate in on your travels are important, so are the activities that you’d like to avoid. After all what appeals to one may horrify the other. Unfortunately, a large number of popular travel destinations are targeted towards younger people. If excess drinking, loud music and late night partying is not on your ‘to do list,” then you may want to consider avoiding destinations that promote these activities. Or staying well away from the noise in an exclusive hotel.If you are able to afford the cost of overseas travel you may want to examine your health and ability to withstand a long journey before booking an overseas vacation. You will also need to check out the health care resources of your intended destination and the policy of your travel insurer for that country or activity. Popular travel destinations include Australia, France, Italy, USA, Canada and Spain. Many of these destinations are famous for their rich history and the number of well-known tourist attractions. You can explore most of these attractions by yourself or with a tour guide. The advantage of a tour guide is the information and local color they can add.Travel for seniors often includes domestic travel because of the price factor and the less amount of travel needed. If domestic vacations are more your style, you can often find lots of information and activities on the web which are designed for individuals of a certain age.Lots of the golf resorts and specialist hotels around the globe cater for a more mature crowd. While children may be allowed to stay for a short period, the activities for children are limited because they don’t want to cater for them. The relaxing environment created for seniors in these places will often include shopping, sight-seeing, fine dining and on-site spas.Once you have found your ideal travel destination, you may want to book right away. But before doing so be sure to search for the many travel discounts that are on offer for the senior traveller.With such a large number of travel destinations designed with seniors in mind, you are sure to find the perfect location and activity for your next trip. Whether you choose to spend your time at home or travel overseas you are sure to build an unlimited number of travel for seniors memories.

How To Profit Handsomely From The Failure of The Travel Agent Industry

Contrary to what one might think, the tragic events of 911 and the subsequent “war on terror” have not stopped people from traveling. In fact, the demand for travel has actually been growing, mostly due to the ever-increasing numbers of retired baby boomers who love to travel. Now, the travel industry is generating annual revenue well in excess of 6 trillion dollars. However, despite this tremendous growth, the conventional travel agent business model has been failing miserably and this represents a great opportunity for you to profit handsomely by marketing wholesale travel direct to the public. Here’s why.The key to the travel agents’ business was the their ability to get exclusive information to book travel. They had information that the general public was unable to get. In the past if you or I wanted to book a trip it would be necessary to use a travel agent who would access the information through private computer systems such a PARS, SABRE and APOLLO and then relay that information to us. We would use this information to get the best possible travel accommodations to fit our budget and schedule. The Internet has dramatically changed this situation.Thanks to the Internet, the general public can now access information that was once only accessible by travel agents. Now anyone tap into airline websites directly to book flights and lodging accommodations. In addition to that, there are sophisticated travel search portals such as Priceline, Travelocity and Expedia that access huge databases of travel service to providers to offer attractively priced travel accommodations to the public. The competition for your travel dollar is extremely fierce.This has had a negative impact on travel agent commissions. The generous commissions that conventional travel agents once enjoyed have now dwindled to nickels and dimes! The airlines reduced travel agent commissions to such an extent that they’ve effectively told the travel agents, “we don’t need you anymore”. Consequently storefront travel agents are leaving the business in droves! Three years ago there were about 190,000 travel agent storefronts in operation. Today that number is down to about 65,000. That’s roughly a decrease of 66 percent! You may refer to detailed supportive data compiled by the U.S. Department of Labor at this address – this point it should be clear that the conventional travel agent business model is on the decline despite the growing demand for travel. There is yet another factor which I am about to share, that will make you realize the tremendous potential of the wholesale travel niche. That factor is excess capacity!Excess capacity has always been a bane to the travel industry. Why? Because hotels, cruise lines and resorts can’t make money from empty rooms! So they are willing to negotiate surreptitiously with select travel service companies and even companies outside of the travel industry to make sure that those rooms are filled with travelers even if it means giving them away for free!They know that once a traveler is on their property, that person will spend money at their affiliated gift shops, nightclubs, restaurants, tour programs and casinos etc. Thus, giving away free accommodations can turn out to be quite a profitable venture. So they’re eager to make arrangements with wholesale travel distributors who will help keep their room filled to capacity every night.Wholesale travel packages allow a consumer to easily book their own travel arrangements with prestigious service providers and enjoy complimentary and deep discount travel privileges up to 75% off retail rates. Even the hugely popular travel search portals mentioned earlier can’t match these savings!Marketing wholesale travel packages direct to the public is and extremely simple lucrative way for anyone profit from the annual multi-trillion dollar travel industry revue. It represents a perfect way for disheartened travel agents to adapt to the new travel industry environment as well!